Sound files can be e-mailed to us either direct from your phone or through a laptop or PC with internet connection.  Once received we will acknowledge receipt and give an indication of when the completed transcription will be e-mailed back to you.  This can be in Word, PDF or other format.  If your recording is urgent please let us know at the time of forwarding the audio file to us.

Large files can be sent to us securely using WeTransfer or Dropbox.



An intelligent transcript edits the words to develop a manuscript suitable for publication. Contractions are expanded ("cause" becomes "because") and grammatical errors are corrected. 


Verbatim transcriptions are usually requested by academic institutions and researchers who need to be able to accurately recreate interviews.  Pauses, coughs, words such as "um" and "err" are noted in the transcription.  All words are typed as said, including filler words such as "yeah".

Intelligent Verbatim

Intelligent verbatim transcripts record the words verbatim, but omit other utterances, background noises and interruptions.  This transcription style is the standard used for police and legal interviews.


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